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Every gardener wants their own potting shed! If you are passionate about gardening, then you
know exactly what I mean. A little planning and organizing is all it takes to create a happy space.
It's all about your own needs and wants. The three main things to think about are potting stations,
storage areas and a place to relax! Once you design those three areas, everything else you add
to your happy space is pure bonus!


Allow for enough bench space for small to medium size jobs. Large jobs can be done
outside the doors of the potting shed. I pour my soil into large containers so it is easier to
dip from. I chose galvinzed containers to coordinate with the rest of my theme.

I love using my collection of buckets and watering cans throughout the season!
Keep your eye out for things like these because they really do come in handy!

I prefer to keep storage simple, organized and a part of my theme! You can't go wrong using
ledges, shelves, nails and hooks. Once you have those in place,
throw in some unique containers, tables and display racks!

Keep your gardening books in the potting shed! Even Master Gardeners need to look things
up! Find a clean dry spot to store them and be sure to add a comfy spot to sit while reading, relaxing,
or enjoying a cup of coffee in your peaceful happy space!

I used curtains to seperate two areas of one room. The curtain at the sink table
adds both charm and another spot for storage.

After completing everything I needed for a functional potting shed with storage areas and a
place to read gardening books, I then started adding bonus items! The bird cage chandelier is my
favorite, followed by unique planters and signs. Arranging plants and cut flowers throughout the
potting shed gives that touch of sweet life that makes it perfect!

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