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                Hello! I'm Kimberly Smith,
                (Master Gardener/Coach)

              Do you have questions about
             starting your own greenhouse?

      My husband and I started our own
      greenhouse business over 20 years ago.  
      Although we have a very successful
      business, the first few years were 
      extremely challenging. We learned many 
      things by trial and error. Over the years
      we gained an abundance of knowledge.  
      Today I am sharing that knowledge with 
       If you have questions or need help
       getting started, you may be interested
       in my virtual courses.

       Knowing where to start can be
       overwhelming! That's where I can help!

       I'm excited to share my knowledge with
      you during one on one virtual meetings.       
       Below you will find everything we will    
       discuss during our meeting.



   The following is what we will cover:

   Getting started with horticultural companies:

   Choosing a wholesale brokerage company 

   Setting up wholesale accounts wiht brokerage companies

   Working with a representative for the brokerage co.

   Choosing what growing stations to order from

   Placing wholesale orders

   How many plants, trays and pots my greenhouse will hold

   How to determine how many plants will fit in your greenhouse

   Bench space, floor space and bars for hanging baskets

   How many plants to order

   When the best time is to place orders and best times for deliveries

   Receiving plants

   Unboxing your plants

   Evaluating your plants upon arrival

   Keeping your plants in good condition until transplanted


   Turning in claims

   Paying invoices

   Throughout our meeting, I will provide examples by showing photos and short videos

    Starting a greenhouse business:                           
   One hour meeting via Microsoft Teams
   One on one coaching

    The following is step by step of how it works:

   1.     email me at greenhousecoaching@yahoo.com. We will discuss a time that works
        best for both of us. 
   2.     I will send you an ivoice to pay prior to the meeting. The invoice will be paid through
        Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay the invoice. There is an
        option to pay with your debit/credit card.... or your paypal account if you have one.

   3.     Once the invoice is paid, I will send you a link to Microsoft Teams or Zoom
        that will connect us at the time we agreed for the meeting to be held

   4.     We will hold a one hour meeting discussing all of the topics listed above

   I do ask that we stay on the topics listed above

  If you would like more information about me and my business before signing up, please
  visit my facebook page where I post photos and videos of greenhouse and personal
  garden to over 23,000 followers.

   If you have any questions please email me at greenhousecoaching@yahoo.com

   I look forward to working with you,
   Kimberly Smith
   Master Gardener/Coach

   Smiths Country Gardens